...the Highland and its red earth, the city of the rickshaws, the traditional handicraft workshops, a river with full of adventures, crocodiles and lemurs, a unique fauna and flora in the world, a water-fall, a journey on ox cart, the surprising tsingys protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage, a night excursion in the dry subtropical forest, a sunset on the Baobabs avenue, fishermen and their families in the coastal village, smiling children, white sandy bleak beach... If you like adventure, the magic and the rustic life, that is what is waiting for you !

Salut vazaha !

Welcome stranger ! – this welcome is what accompany you all along your trip by children with generious and unforgettable smiles...

I am a tour operator in Madagascar. With a complete group, I organize your complex and complete stay on the red island. The country is poor but soft and beautiful, it is a perfect destination for those who are looking for an adventure and the uniqueness.

In Madagascar, it is always possible to negotiate the prices with guides, drivers or local agencies. However the service, the meals and the performances are unpredictable, with always risk not to obtain what we understood. In every proposition, I make a sincere description of my observations with European eyes to avoid having false ideas about your stay.

The team with whom I work, and Nina, are attentive drivers, responsible persons who give useful and interesting informations, who will drive you with patience and safety.

It's the same about Vévé, our guide, who accompanies you carefully and by attention with Jean-Claude and his team. Their sense of organization puts you in confidence from the first minutes, their perfect knowledge of cooking is just a plus. If you reserve your journey at us, you can not have of unpleasant surprise but at once an authentic and safe holiday !

The Highland

Curious and friendly - the inhabitants of the red land

Tritriva crater lake

Tsiribihina, the river "what should not be crossed"

The savannah

A popular transport in Madagascar

The Tsingy of Bemaraha, protected by UNESCO

A unique fauna in the world  : the sifakas are menaced of extinction - Kirindy reservation park

Baobabs avenue

Salut vazaha !

The masoanjoany, mask of beauty what protects from the sun and makes the skin silky

Today the fishermen have stayed at home